Social Media Management Tool, by Doctors, for Doctors.

Get More Patients

The answer to the years-old question “How to get more patients in a medical practice” is finally here. It’s simple, really: Have an exceptional social media presence.

Easily Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles

With TrendyDoc, you’ll be able to manage all your social profiles via one platform – and everything will be HIPPA compliant!

Your Online Reputation for Everyone to See

With our premium package, you’ll get a Trendy Tracker device. This device will show your social media likes, follows, reputation… on your office desk.

Quarterly Surprises for All

Impress Your Patients with the TrendyBox
Starting with our premium package, get a box of carefully selected, fun items which will help you increase patient engagement. Such items include: wearables, signs, photo booth cards and much more!

Let’s Improve Your Social Media Presence Together

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